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The Talking Trump Doll

The Talking Trump Doll

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The Talking Trump Doll is a beautiful plush doll that speaks 20 of the greatest phrases of the 45th (46th) and 47th POTUS in his own voice!  This limited edition is a great addition for your Trump memorabilia and makes a great gift for your MAGA friends and family.  Plus, his big smile and cute body will softens the heart of even the most screeching liberal.  Includes free doll stand to display your Trump in your home or office.  Supplies are extremely limited.  Get yours today!

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To make a premium doll, we embroidered Trump's key features for stunning looks and lasting durability.

Soft and Bright


The Talking Trump Doll is velvety soft and the colors pop. Including Trump's trademark slightly long tie!



We made Trump's hair perfect with hand sewn detail that makes the doll a treasured collectible for years to come.


Trump's Voice

When you squeeze his belly, Talking Trump speaks 20 of Trump's best phrases in his own voice.


Limited Edition

We made one and only one limited production run. This doll will be a unique piece of memorabilia from this historic campaign.


FREE Stand

This doll is made to be seen. Order now and get a free display stand to make Talking Trump a centerpiece of your home or office.


"Perfect Gift for MAGA"

This is hilarious and adorable at the same time. I love it! Nicely made and I think for fans of Trump, it is even worth more. A real collector’s item. Love the recorded phrases of his that were chosen in his own voice!! Every Trump fan would love this doll!! Thanks so much!!

Deborah I.



How big is the doll?

The doll is 12 inches tall. Perfect for holding and displaying.

What phrases does he say?

Watch the video right above. He says 20 phrases:

  • From this day forward, its only going to be AMERICA FIRST.
  • Together, we WE WILL MAKE AMERICA strong, weatlhy, proud, safe and GREAT AGAIN.
  • We are transferring power from DC to you, the PEOPLE.
  • When America is united, it is UNSTOPPABLE.
  • Marching to Capitol, to PEACEFULLY AND PATRIOTICALLY make your voices heard (JAN6)
  • I will NEVER INFRINGE on your right to keep and bear arms.
  • TRUMP WAS RIGHT about everything.
  • The best is YET TO COME.
    Democrats are the party of Taxes, crime, open borders, abortions and BLATANT CORRUPTION.
  • We are one GLORIOUS nation under GOD.
  • If we brought George Washington here, the democrats would vote against him (KAVANAUGH)
  • AMERICA IS BACK. Bigger, better and stronger than ever before.
  • Americanism, not Globalism.
  • The AMERICAN people will come first once again.
  • We are going to build a great BORDER WALL.
  • Things have to change RIGHT NOW.
  • We cannot afford to be POLITICALLY CORRECT anymore.
  • I'm going to make our country RICH AGAIN.
  • You are CNN. You are FAKE NEWS.

How many dolls were made?

Only 3000 dolls were ever made. That's it. This is sure to be one of the most unique and collectible piece of Trump memorabilia.

Is this doll endorsed by Trump?

No, Trump has not endorsed the doll officially but we do know that Trump has a doll and he loves it.

Now, the obligatory Disclaimer of Endorsement:

The Talking Trump Doll or or its owners or associates are not affiliated with Donald J. Trump, the Trump Organization or the Trump for President 2024 Campaign. Any reference to Donald J. Trump, the Trump Organization or the Trump for President 2024 Campaign on any ad or does not constitute an implied or expressed recommendation or endorsement, or favoring by Donald J. Trump, the Trump Organization or the Trump for President 2024 Campaign or their employees, officers or members.

Are batteries included?

Yes, batteries are included. They are also replaceable. LR44.

Do you charge tax?

We only charge tax for TN residents. Everyone else is tax free!

How much is shipping?

Shipping is FREE in the USA and Puerto Rico.

Why doesn't my doll talk?

Your dolls are shipped with the circuit deactivated to keep the batteries fresh. You must activate your doll to make it work! To activate, open the velcro in the back of the doll and remove the voicebox. Pull out the rounded plastic tab from of the voicebox. Insert the voicebox back into the doll with the speaker side facing his belly. Squeeze Trump's belly and now he talks!

I still need help. How do I contact you?

No problem. Just email us at and we will get back to you pronto. We aren't Democrats.

Do you make a Joe Biden doll?

Hell no! Although a bumbling Biden would be hilarious, we are GOD, FAMILY, MAGA here.

Will this make DEMOCRATS vote for Trump?

Yes! Democrats can't resist his sharp suit and perfect hair. Talking Trump will school any liberal in a debate. Use Talking Trump to convert Democrats in masse in 2024!!

Trump 2024

We created the ultimate Trump collectible that is adored by kids and adults. So cute, even makes a leftist lunatic liberal smile. Show off your Talking Trump loud and proud everywhere you go. The symbol of the greatest landslide election victory in American history. We only made one limited production run of Talking Trump Dolls and once they are gone, they are gone forever so order yours now.