The Talking Trump Doll

The beautiful plush Trump doll that speaks 20 of the real President's greatest quotes in his own voice.

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  • So cute! ❤️

    This is the cutest thing. He is so soft and huggable. Everyone who sees him falls in love. So everyone in GA, PA, WI, OH and MI go out and get a bunch of these before November!

    Allie J 
  • Perfect gift for MAGA

    This is the greatest piece of memorabilia ever made for President Donald John Trump. Kudos to the makers. You will see me holding mine up at the next rally!

    Paul C 
  • Too Hot 🔥

    I had to move little Trump from the bedroom to the hallway because it was making my woman too hot. I'm too old for that!

    Bo D 

Trump 2024

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A must have for every Trump supporter. Click button to see doll talk.

See the Doll