Trump Cancelled

Trump Cancelled

The Talking Trump Doll has been officially cancelled from Google and Facebook.  As we ramp our awareness we made some YouTube ads and some Facebook ads. They were all instantly cancelled citing election policies claiming Trump Doll is campaign related. 

Ok, no problem.  We removed all "Trump" markings - text, the name of our Facebook page, name of our YouTube page and all references to election or campaigning. We highly sanitized our video.  We had a doll (that could have been anyone) and - boom - cancelled again.  

Thankfully, we have been able to run ads on Gab, Truth Social and Rumble. What Google and Facebook can't stop  is you sharing on your socials.  And even better if its alt social. 

They are coming after Trump again.  The censorship is back.  Help us overpower it with purchases and sharing pics of your doll.  And we need that same energy for getting out the vote in November.  Just a taste of things to come.  


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