The Doll

The Doll

We are toymakers and made the Talking Trump Doll because there is nothing else out there like it.  Go to amazon and search Trump doll, and the vast majority of the products that people make are derrogatory, rude and crude.  

As supporters of the 45th, (46th) and 47th President, we thought that there should be a doll that respects the President.

We wanted to create a stunning doll that encapsulated all the great features of DJT.  From his unique hair to his signature suit and long red tie. His booming voice and his love for America.  

We nailed it with our manufacturer.  We spent tens of thousands of dollars of our own money to bring you this doll.  We need your support or this kind of product will never be made again. We have created the best looking doll EVER. And his voice sounds great.  20 phrases including 

Watch the video right above. He says 20 phrases:

  • From this day forward, its only going to be AMERICA FIRST.
  • Together, we WE WILL MAKE AMERICA strong, weatlhy, proud, safe and GREAT AGAIN.
  • We are transferring power from DC to you, the PEOPLE.
  • When America is united, it is UNSTOPPABLE.
  • Marching to Capitol, to PEACEFULLY AND PATRIOTICALLY make your voices heard (JAN6)
  • I will NEVER INFRINGE on your right to keep and bear arms.
  • TRUMP WAS RIGHT about everything.
  • The best is YET TO COME.
    Democrats are the party of Taxes, crime, open borders, abortions and BLATANT CORRUPTION.
  • We are one GLORIOUS nation under GOD.
  • If we brought George Washington here, the democrats would vote against him (KAVANAUGH)
  • AMERICA IS BACK. Bigger, better and stronger than ever before.
  • Americanism, not Globalism.
  • The AMERICAN people will come first once again.
  • We are going to build a great BORDER WALL.
  • Things have to change RIGHT NOW.
  • We cannot afford to be POLITICALLY CORRECT anymore.
  • I'm going to make our country RICH AGAIN.
  • You are CNN. You are FAKE NEWS.

We know you will love it.  This will surely be a collectible.  We only made a limited run of dolls.  This is it.  Get one for your home and one for going out and knocking on doors.  And someone please send one to Jack Smith.


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Get your Talking Trump Doll now. Perfect for your home, office, in your car, for rallies memes, social sharing photos, Jack Smith, Fannie Willis, debating Dems, liberating Libs.