Rigged Trial

Rigged Trial

Every single trial Trump is being subjected to is rigged.  From the charges to the judge, the jury and the verdict.  They knew this would be a guilty verdict last week when Biden scheduled a press conference to align with the verdict announcement.  

So, its time to show your support for President Trump.  Everywhere!  On your clothes, your house, in your home, office, in your car and in your purse.  We need to show support for Trump in PUBLIC so people see the support from others and are not SCARED out of their support.  The responsiblity is on you.  How many people do you interact with in a week?  

The best show of support and conversation starter is a Talking Trump Doll.  Its cute, loveable, and is a great conversation starter.  Put one in your office, on your dashboard, shopping cart, popping out of your purse.  Take it to Trump rallies, door knocking and general electioneering.

And someone please send one to Alvin Bragg.  Heck, overload the NY DA office with Talking Trump Dolls.  BTW, their address is 
One Hogan Place
New York, NY 10013

Make sure to address it to Alvin Bragg.  Its up to you.  Its time to show support for President Trump like we have never done before.  This will be harder than 16 and 2020.  We haven't even got to vote stealing.  We need all hands on deck.  Man the ramparts.  Show your neighbors that you support Trump.  Get a Talking Trump doll now!

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Support President Trump

Get your Talking Trump Doll now. Perfect for your home, office, in your car, for rallies memes, social sharing photos, Jack Smith, Fannie Willis, debating Dems, liberating Libs.