Nikki's Millions

Nikki's Millions

One of my favorite movies as a kid was Brewster's Millions.  The premise was that Richard Pryor, a washed up baseball player, had inherited money.  The deal was that he had to spend $30M in 30 days - to get $300M.  It wasn't easy. In fact it was really hard (this is 1980 btw). 

His big plan to blow a lot of money was to run for Mayor.  Except, he would not be on the ballot.  The storyline was that he campaigned for 'none of the above' so we wouldn't win anything and could blow $30m bucks.  Well long story short, the city voted for "None of the Above".  Brewster lost on purpose.


Yesterday, Nikki Haley was planning to wrap up her first victory in the meaningless Nevada primary.  You see, Trump wasn't even on the ballot because he put all his energy into the caucus - that determines # of delegates.

So even with Trump not in the race, Nimrata managed to LOSE to "None of the Above Candidates" - in a landslide.

None of the Above won with $0 spent.  Nikki has spend well over $30M and lost (not on purpose) to no candidate.  She has wasted so many millions and has forced Trump to spend so many millions to win a non-race.

This is worse than her IA or NH performances by a landslide.  How will she declare this a victory this time?  Sorry folks, but this is funnier than her SNL performance by a billion.  DJT is the candidate folks.  Its historic.  Get your Talking Trump Doll, if anything, to troll Nikki Haley on social media.  


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