Trump 2024

Trump 2024

We made the Talking Trump Doll not just to be displayed on your mantel or on your bookshelf.  We made it to be a force multiplier for 2024. This is actually the most important election in your lifetime  (despite every politician saying this for every election in your lifetime).

You see, if Trump loses - or rather, they manage to steal it again - there is no next election.  There is no, get em next time.  Because of the abuse of power by parties, the Constitution and laws no longer have meaning.  This country is effectively over.

Back to the doll.  This is a great conversation starter.  Its cute, attractive and novel.  It has great phrases that allow you to have a discussion with someone.  Maybe you meet a new friend. Maybe you can engage a liberal.

We have to win this election by a margin that cant be stolen.  Is this possible?    Trump thinks so - otherwise he wouldn't be running.  We are the army that can change the outcome.  The Talking Trump Doll is ready for battle.  Get one for the office and one for being in public.  Whatever you do, get people to the polls!

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Get your Talking Trump Doll now. Perfect for your home, office, in your car, for rallies memes, social sharing photos, Jack Smith, Fannie Willis, debating Dems, liberating Libs.