Iowa Spoke

Iowa Spoke

For months, a bunch of never-Trumpers have been circling Iowa with the national press bashing President Trump for every problem in America - without blaming Biden or Trump's Neocon predecessors for anything.  But it all ended last night.  Trump's BLOWOUT Victory is the first of many in righting our nation. 

Trump won 51% and 98 out of 99 counties and the one county that Neocon Nikki won was by literally one vote.  Very sus but whatever.   She came in third to the sinking DeSantis and said that it is a two person race. 😃

No matter how hard they tried, our support of DJT never waned.  When they attacked, we had has back.  And he only got stronger in the polls.  45/46/47 has earned our support - but he must deliver when he gets back in office. 

It was cold in the Heartland last night.  Its interesting that an abnormally cold and snow day hits  But Iowans went out there and made a statement.  Lets keep the momentum going.  Campaigning in the primary is campaigning for the general.  

And order your Talking Trump Doll.  This is the symbol of victory, the symbol of defiance that you can display in you home, office, car, and everywhere you go.  Start a conversation and convert a Democrat.  

On to New Hampshire.  Lets start Making America Great Again!



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